Once members have achieved the Certified Club Manager designation, they may work towards additional designations recognizing their ongoing commitment to the profession and continuous lifelong learning:

  • Honour Society
  • Certified Chief Executive (CCE)
  • Master Club Manager (MCM) 

Honour Society

Membership in the CMAC Honour Society is open to those club managers who meet the following criteria:

  • achievement of 400 additional credits beyond certification with a minimum of 150 national/branch education programs;
  • Professional membership status in CMAC for a minimum of nine years; and
  • successful completion of BMI Tactical Leadership or BMI Strategic Leadership

Members are not required to petition for Honour Society status. Once CMAC staff have verified that the member has met all the requirements above, he/she will be recognized as an Honour Society member.

Certified Chief Executive (CCE)

The CCE was developed to recognize those managers who have shown the ability to successfully serve as the most senior manager in a club.  The CCM designation remains as the "hallmark of professionalism" within the club industry. The CCE is intended to augment the CCM, not replace it.

In order to qualify for the CCE, members must:

  • hold Professional or Community (e.g. alumni) membership status within CMAC;
  • have been a CMAC member for a minimum of 10 years;
  • have achieved the CCM designation and Honour Society status;
  • have successfully completed both BMI Tactical Leadership and BMI Strategic Leadership;
  • have served as the top executive in a club (ie. GM, COO, CEO) for a minimum of 5 years (can be from multiple clubs);
  • submit the Petition Form below to CMAC along with a current resume documenting their previous positions;
  • have completed the Mentorship Requirement outlined below;
  • submit a notarized Verification Form from their current club president verifying that they have served as the top executive for at least five years (if they have not been at their current club as the chief executive for five years, a notarized form is required from their previous club(s) to verify the five year period); and
  • a $75 (CDN) administrative fee to be included with the Petition.

Download CCE Petition Form (Fillable PDF)

Download CCE Verification Form (Fillable PDF)

Mentorship Requirement for the CCE

Candidates may choose one of the following two options to meet this requirement (which came into effect January 2018):

Manager In Development (MID) Program

Mentorship of an entry-mid level manager through one specialization of the MID Program on CMAA University. Detailed requirements for mentors choosing the MID option are outlined in the document entitled CMAA MID Development Overview – Guide for Mentors, Mentees and Reviewers available for download on the CMAA web site.

One Year Documented Mentorship Option

Mentors are required to complete at least six conversations, one of which may be used as an introductory call to establish at least three goals of the relationship. Mentors are also expected to invite their mentee to their club for a day of shadowing, meeting with each department and how they operate and tour. If the mentee is internal, you are required to send your mentee to another club for the same one day experience. Finally, the mentee must submit a Mentee Statement, detailing how the mentorship relationship impacted them and what they learned.

Download CCE Mentorship Form (FIllable PDF)

Please return completed form to national@thecmac.ca.

Master Club Manager

The MCM designation is a certification and recognition program for a special group of professionals who have made extraordinary and long-lasting contributions to the club industry. It is awarded to those individuals who have met the following criteria:

  • attained the CCM designation and Honour Society membership;
  • achieved 200 additional credits beyond Honour Society with a minimum of 100 credits from national/branch education programs;
  • have maintained Professional membership status for a minimum of 12 years;
  • have successfully completed BMI IV and BMI V;
  • have successfully completed the MCM Profile and Monograph; and
  • have completed an education presentation at the CMAA World Conference based on their monograph.

Additional information about the process is available on the CMAA web site.