2022 President's Award

Carol-Ann Goering, CCM receiving the award presented by Ryan Woods (2022-2023 Awards Committee Chair), Jeff Germond, CCM (CMAC Past President), and Suzanne Godbehere (CMAC CEO).


Year Recipient
2022 Carol-Ann Goering, CCM
2021 W. Morari
2020 C. Gray, CCM
2019 G. Lundmark, CCM, CCE
2017 D. Palmer*
2016 G. Richardson, CCM, CCE
2014 D. Houghton*, CCM
2013 A. Geddes, FPCM and M.E. Sullivan, CCM
2012 D Matte, CCM
2010 G. Pinches, FPCM
2009 G. Smale, FPCM
2008 J. Adams
2007 H. Obermeier
2006 J. Novotny
2005 U. Hahn
2004 K. Oleschuk, FPCM
2003 J. Furlong
2002 H. Broschek, FPCM
2000 R. Brett
1999 J. Furlong
1998 R. Ayoub, FPCM
1997 C. Parkinson, FPCM

* Sadly these CMAC members have passed away, please visit the In Memoriam page for recent information.