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This is the most prestigious award CMAC may confer upon a member. It provides an opportunity for CMAC to recognize an individual for their significant achievements through a lifetime of effort and service to their club(s) and the Association.


  • Is a Professional, Honourary or Community Member in good standing with CMAC
  • Has provided a minimum of 15 years of service in the club management profession in a management capacity
  • Has provided distinguished service at the CMAC Branch level or on the CMAC Board of Directors
  • Has mentored, and supported the professional development of managers under their supervision, including encouraging their pursuit of the CCM designation
  • Has promoted diversity and inclusion in their club and in their community at large
  • Has demonstrated outstanding professionalism through his or her efforts and/or achievements in the club management profession
  • Has brought recognition to the club management profession in some significant or unique way


  • A minimum of three Letters of Support indicating that the Nominee has widespread respect of their peers in the club management profession. The letters should provide specific examples of the contributions of the Nominee with regard to the criteria outlined above and describe the relationship between the letter writer and the Nominee


Year Recipient
2022 C. Goering, CCM
2021 W. Morari
2020 C. Gray, CCM
2019 G. Lundmark, CCM, CCE
2017 D. Palmer*
2016 G. Richardson, CCM, CCE
2014 D. Houghton*, CCM
2013 A. Geddes, FPCM and M.E. Sullivan, CCM
2012 D Matte, CCM
2010 G. Pinches, FPCM
2009 G. Smale, FPCM
2008 J. Adams
2007 H. Obermeier
2006 J. Novotny
2005 U. Hahn
2004 K. Oleschuk, FPCM
2003 J. Furlong
2002 H. Broschek, FPCM
2000 R. Brett
1999 J. Furlong
1998 R. Ayoub*, FPCM
1997 C. Parkinson, FPCM

* Sadly these CMAC members have passed away, please visit the In Memoriam page for recent information.