Excellence Through Innovation Awards

**New this Year**

A celebration of successful programs, products or services that advance the club management profession.  
This is not to be confused with, or in addition to, a submission for Club of the Year. This is not about the club being innovative but about innovative programs, products or services.

The Excellence Through Innovation Award (ETIA) recognizes exemplary club professionals and club programs and provides a platform for sharing outstanding practices across our branches. 

ETIA is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate ‘above-and-beyond’ contributions towards CMAC’s vision of creating great leaders through excellence in professional club management. 
Contributions can take many forms and may include a significant role in the implementation and effective delivery of a highly innovative idea. The extraordinary innovation must directly or indirectly impact or continue to impact an area or function critical to progressing the club management industry, an extraordinary contribution to success at their respective club or department. 

Programs, products or services that have demonstrated successful results between January 2023 and the day of submission. If a long-term strategy was developed prior to January 2023 but a major milestone or measurement took place during the eligibility period, it is eligible for entry.

Limit of two (2) entries per organization can be entered in any given year.

Please note all nominations must be submitted in this TEMPLATE 
(note: a powerpoint template will download)

Details and instructions are in the notes sections. 

IMPORTANT: There is no limit to the number of applications that may receive an Excellence Through Innovation Award in any given year. 

Each application is reviewed by the Awards Committee. The Committee reviews each application independently and then meet as a team to review, discuss and come to an agreement on the final evaluation score. Applications will not be evaluated against each other. All applications will be reviewed based on the following selection criteria using this evaluation rubric. Applications with a final total mark above 24 receive an excellence through innovation award, recognizing truly exceptional accomplishments and innovations within the club management community.

In selecting the ETIA, the following criteria will be considered and may be described or expanded upon in the nomination overview and synopsis. Nominees must show demonstrated success in one of the following areas: 

  • Leadership: Did this individual’s accomplishment demonstrate innovative leadership? Did this individual’s leadership set the stage for further innovative work? 
  • Out-of-the-box-thinking: Does this innovation represent out-of-the-box or cutting-edge thinking? 
  • Enthusiasm: Has this innovation led to a new product or idea? Can it be integrated widely? Does it have the potential to generate revenue or initiate other ideas or exemplary work? 
  • Impact: Will the innovation bring fundamental change and/or move the individual’s Club forward? Does it identify new ways to improve the quality of services or programming? 
  • Replicability: Can the innovation be replicated within other clubs? Would it be valuable to do so? Does it demonstrate long-term success? 

Individuals who are nominated for the ETIA will have made a significant contribution or series of contributions to advance one or more of the strategies and initiatives outlined in the CMAC’s mission of ‘Leadership in Professional Club Management’. 

The contributions of Professional members may be assessed as either members of a team or as an individual. All submissions are reviewed by the CMAC Awards Committee who will consider how and if certain initiatives can be implemented across our eleven Branches.