Denzil Palmer Mentor of the Year Award

**New this Year**

Please note all nominations must be submitted in this TEMPLATE
(note: a powerpoint template will download)

Details and instructions are in the notes sections. 

The Denzil Palmer Mentor of the Year Award recognizes a professional member for their exemplary commitment to mentoring fellow industry professionals through guidance, support, and inspiration. All nominees must be nominated by a CMAC member in good standing and the nomination summary must describe how the Nominee: 

  • Is seen as someone who is a positive, guiding influence 
  • Demonstrates a commitment to sharing knowledge and experience 
  • Contributes to the club community 
  • Supports newcomers to the industry on an ongoing basis to support them as they move through their careers 
  • Inspires others in the industry during challenging times 

The application package must include: 

  • A minimum of three letters of support indicating that the Nominee has the widespread respect of their peers and is seen as a guiding influence on fellow industry members. The letters should provide specific examples of 
    • Scenarios and the methods employed to connect with and support others. 
    • How they have mentored specific individuals, particularly individuals who are not in their employ to make a lasting impact. 

Ideally at least one of the letters is written by someone who has benefited from the nominee’s guidance and mentorship. 
Participation in the CMAC mentorship program is not a requirement for nomination as the Nominee may have mentored other professionals in the industry outside this program.