Club Manager of the Year Award

NEW THIS YEAR Please note all nominations must be submitted in this TEMPLATE
(note: a powerpoint template will download)

Details and instructions are in the notes sections. 
This award is presented to the candidate who exemplifies exceptional club management and, in the last 12-18 months, has accomplished / overcome a challenge above and beyond their typical role. 


  • Is a Professional Member in good standing with CMAC
  • Is a Senior Manager at their club
  • Has performed well over an extended period at the club(s) that the Nominee has managed
  • Is well respected by club members, club executives, and fellow club managers
  • Has mentored, and supported the professional development of managers under their supervision, including encouraging their pursuit of the CCM designation
  • Has promoted diversity and inclusion in their club and in their community at large
  • Has made a personal contribution to the community at large through volunteer work, service clubs, charity, or other form
  • Has participated and contributed to the development of the club management profession through leadership, involvement, and service at the Branch or National levels of CMAC


  • A minimum of three Letters of Support indicating that the Nominee has widespread respect of their peers in the club management profession. The letters should provide specific examples of the contributions of the Nominee with regard
  • to the criteria outlined above and describe the relationship between the letter writer and the Nominee
  • A Letter of Support from the Nominee’s current or former club president or club owner

2023 Club Manager of the Year - Guy Prévost, CCM


Year Recipient
2023 G. Prévost, CCM
2022 B. Duench
2021 T. Noonan, CCM, CCE
2020 J. Hope, CCM, CCE
2019 J. Meier
2018 T. Czudner, CCM
2017 G. Davis, CCM
2016 B. Gough, CCM