Membership Categories

CMAC represents a diverse collective of club industry professionals who share a common interest in the industry. Our objective is to represent each one of our members, regardless of their role, tenure, or background in the club management industry. There are three categories of CMAC membership: Professional, Community, and Honourary. In addition, special pricing dues may be available should you fall into one of the following groups below. The more members from any given facility, the lower the dues for the club overall.  Visit the Membership Benefits page to learn more about CMAC.

A Professional Member is any person who (1) is currently employed in a club or related hospitality organization; or (2) was previously a Professional member or equivalent for more than five years AND is currently employed outside of the club industry.

Note: A club is defined as any facility that allows members interested in a particular activity to meet on a regular basis. The facility must be leased or owned; offer food & beverage services; have at least one paid employee; and report to a Board or an owner.

A Community Member is any person who (1) was previously a Professional member or equivalent for more than five years, over 50 years of age AND retired from working full-time; or (2) was previously a Professional member AND unemployed; or (3) is a faculty member of a hospitality program at an accredited, post-secondary college or university; or (4) who is enrolled as a post-secondary student in a recognized hospitality, culinary, turf management, golf operations, or sports program in an accredited, post-secondary college or university, and who are not employed in a club management position on a full-time basis.

Note: A Community Member who is unemployed can be in this category for a maximum of one year after the end of their membership year. Should the Member become employed full-time, in any industry, they shall immediately be transferred to Professional category and pay the applicable pro-rated dues. Students who graduate in a particular year are able to be Community Members (paid dues) for one year after their membership year ends.

A Honourary Member is any person that was awarded honourary status by a National or Branch Board of Directors. This membership type does not accept applications.

Professional Groups

Members of a club-specific professional group must be actively employed at the same club property in the same physical location. There are special dues pricing on National dues for clubs that have between two to five members. Any club with more than five members will receive the same five member rate for subsequent members.

All Professional Members are part of the New Member Group for the first year of their CMAC membership. Their National dues for the first year will be charged at the club-specific group rate for five members. A new member is a person who has never been a CMAC member or resigned his/her membership more than three years ago.

All Professional Members actively employed at a small club or equivalent hospitality organization will qualify for the highest club-specific group rate for National dues. Eligible small clubs are those clubs with annual revenues under $2M. Evidence must be provided and will be requested every two years. (Revenue threshold subject to change.)


When you join CMAC, you will be joining a group of over 550 industry colleagues and have access to some outstanding educational and networking opportunities. Membership dues are paid annually, in advance, and are comprised of two components: National and Branch dues. For information on the current membership dues, please refer to the CMAC Member Dues Chart

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Professional Membership Community Membership

Membership belongs to the individual and is non-transferable. Should the member change employment, the membership remains with that individual regardless of who has paid for it. Any member who is in arrears for National Dues, Branch Dues, or Assessment Dues for a period of one month after due date, will be notified that they are not in good standing by the Secretary/Treasurer. If arrears have not been paid by the 1st day of March in each year and without a written explanation satisfactory to the Board of Directors, such Members shall be notified that they are no longer members of CMAC. The membership year of CMAC is from January 1st to December 31st. New members can prorate their dues starting in the month they join.