CMAC offers a position posting service to clubs and recruiters to provide you with a means of seeking potential candidates to fill senior management positions in private and semi-private clubs. 

Position postings will be made available to CMAC members within five business days of receipt of all relevant materials at the National Office; unless otherwise agreed upon, postings will be removed 30 days from the date of posting. An extension of 30 days may be requested at no additional charge; the postings are made available to CMAC members through the Members Only section of the website and a broadcast e-mail is distributed to all members to notify them as soon as a new posting is available.

A review of the job posting will be provided prior to being published online. Traditionally, salary information is not listed in the job description.


To post a position, the following must be provided to the CMAC National Office:

  • A completed online request form
  • Payment in full for placing the Position Posting, payable in advance
    • $1,500 + applicable tax - General Managers/CEOs/COOs
    • $425 + applicable tax - All other positions

CMAC reserves the right to refuse any position posting deemed inappropriate.