To build meaningful relationships within an individual or group setting that are focused on personal and professional growth.


The Mentorship Program will build a valuable relationship for both the mentee and mentor. It will provide the mentee with individual one-on-one discussion with a mentor who is selected for them to match their desired career path and areas they wish to improve both personally and professionally. The partnering of a mentee and mentor will be determined by the Professional Development (PD) Committee and will be based on information provided in the application form. This program is a one-year commitment by those involved with monthly check in calls/meetings.

Finding the right mentor is important. The PD Committee will review the applications and make a recommendation to the mentee for the right mentor to help them on their specific career path and areas for desired growth. An initial introduction call will be facilitated by a PD Committee member for the mentee and mentor to get to know one another and confirm their intention to commit to the program for the next 12 months.

The Mentorship Program will run across the country to make sure that we find the right fit between mentee and mentor. With the use of virtual meetings if needed, we will be able to focus solely on making the right connection without being limited to geographical restraints.

The PD Committee will check in with participants on a quarterly basis. Any issues or concerns by participants will be brought to the PD Committee for guidance and resolution.

A call for mentor and mentee applications is sent in February / March of each year, with pairings notified shortly thereafter. If you are looking for mentorship information at other times of the year, please contact national@thecmac.ca. 


All members interested in becoming a mentor are required to complete the Mentor Application. The PD Committee will be in touch once a suitable match is made. 


All CMAC Members interested in working on their personal and professional development are required to complete the Mentee Application. The PD Committee will be in touch once a suitable match is made. 


Tips for the Mentee

Tips for the Mentor