For CCM candidates desiring an in-depth review of the eleven competency areas of club management, the Joe Perdue Certification Review Course is offered twice per year by the CMAA. This concentrated five-day course is given at Georgia State University in Atlanta with the exam at the end of the course. More recently, virtual Review Courses have also been offered. Future courses are listed on CMAA's website. CMAA  provides an electronic version of a Study Guide for those registered for the Review Course.

Any fees required to take this course will be the responsibility of individual members. 

Candidates choosing not to take the Certification Review Course or who register for the virtual delivery may have the exam administered by proctor at a college or university near the individual’s home or club. Administration costs related to individual proctoring of the exam will be borne by the member. 

CMAC provides an Exam Preparation Kit to candidates once approval of the petition and confirmation of exam registration are received from CMAA.

Passing the Exam

The final requirement for certification is to pass the CCM exam, which requires an overall score of 70 per cent or higher, with a score of 50 per cent or higher on each of the ten parts of the exam. The exam consists of 400 objective questions covering the 11 core competencies in club management. There is no limit as to the number of attempts a candidate may make.

Once the requirements for the CCM exam have been met, CMAC will work with candidates to register and prepare for the exam. Two steps are required: 1) Petitioning for the exam, which means verifying with CMAA that the requirements have been met, and 2) registering for the exam. The cost of petitioning and registering for the exam are paid by CMAC from the PMD Fund on behalf of the candidate. 

CMAC provides the forms (below) for completion by the candidate, and then submits the completed forms to CMAA along with a copy of the transcript from the member's profile and other transcripts as necessary. CMAA will then confirm approval of the petition to the member and CMAC, and if the member has registered for the Joe Perdue Review Course, will send an electronic version of the Study Guide to the member.

Please return completed forms to