2024-2026 A Balanced Approach

The Club Management Association of Canada (CMAC) has undergone significant change in the last few years, much of which was prioritized with its 2021-2023 Strategic Framework whether it be introducing a new name and membership structure; launching an enhanced mentorship program or establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Committee. In addition, at the same time CMAC persevered (and thrived!) through a uniquely challenging post-pandemic economic and employment climate welcoming over 300 new professional members to date since its launch.

The 2021-2023 Strategic Framework’s priorities of Leadership and Impact; Membership Value; Strength and Sustainability; and Attract and Empower served us well and ultimately were the pillars of success, exhibiting how interconnected and interdependent our members, clubs, branches, regions, committees and all of our relationships are.

In Spring 2023 an ad hoc committee of members from various demographics, membership types and roles in the club industry was formed to prepare strategic priorities for the planning cycle ahead.  We commenced by reviewing key findings and results from the 2022 membership satisfaction survey, priorities from the March 2023 Leadership Forum and sharing what CMAC means to us.  It was abundantly clear that CMAC is on the right path, with a keen focus and renewed commitment to our vision: To create great leaders through excellence in professional club management.

One theme that rang true throughout our discussions was that of balancebalance in the creation of a sustainable membership model and value proposition for members; balance in representative leadership on our Boards, Branches and Committees, across our industry and across the country; balance in our educational resources and networking opportunities for members inclusive of career level, club size and geography; balance in how we communicate, in our branding, governance practices and most importantly in our relationships with each other.

As such, we are pleased to introduce our approach for the 2024-2026 Strategic Framework. With the balance theme front and centre, a renewed set of areas of focus and action points were created. This new visual infers harmony between our areas of focus: leadership, membership values and sustainability. These areas of focus overlap, inspire and feed into each suggesting an interconnection between everything CMAC does. For some the new model brings to mind the symbols of yin and yang, each area of focus being thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts.