CMAC offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities at our conferences. The National Conference, held in the Fall of each year, is attended by some 150 General Managers/COOs, golf professionals, controllers and other senior managers, and the National Food & Beverage/Management Conference, typically held in late February or early March, is attended by over 100 Assistant GMs, Clubhouse Managers, Food and Beverage Managers, Chefs, and Supervisors. 

We believe that the available opportunities offer a significant return on the investment that you make in our conference. As a sponsor, in addition to the profile you receive in the conference pages on this website, through conference publications and signage, etc., you have the opportunity to participate in the conference and directly access and interact with club industry professionals. 

In order to maximize the exposure, sponsorship must be confirmed approximately five months prior to each conference to ensure inclusion in the Preliminary Program which is made available to all CMAC members for each conference. In addition, for more details on future conferences and their sponsorship opportunities, please visit our Calendar of Events section.