The CMAC Awards Program recognizes the achievements and contributions of our members. The awards are presented annually at the CMAC National Conference to the club/candidate who exemplifies exceptional club management. The responsibility for overseeing the Awards Program rests with the CMAC Awards Committee.

The CMAC Awards Committee will review all nominations in consideration of the criteria and will make its recommendation to the Board of Directors. All nominations become the property of CMAC. Thank you to those who have participated and supported this program.

* Eligible nominees cannot be members of the current Awards Committee or National Board. 

To view the 2023 recipients, please visit the individual award pages. 

2024 Awards Program

NEW THIS YEAR – Please note there are NEW application requirements this year. In an effort to create an easier, more equitable, and streamlined process, all nominations are required to be submitted in the provided template. Please see details and templates on each of the award webpages. 

  • All applications are to be emailed to
  • All nominees must be informed of the application submission.
  • All communications from CMAC will be directed to the Nominator during the review process.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be included in the Committee review process.
  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found below.
  • View past sample award submissions here (login required). Please note this year submissions must use the provided templates.

All nominations are to be submitted as an Application Package and must follow the template as indicated. ​


When are applications due?
All categories of awards have a deadline of 5:00 PM ET on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. Please submit to by this date in order to be considered.

Where is the application form?
Please visit the individual award pages. There you will find the template for submitting the award.

Do I require a nominator or can I self-nominate?
All awards require a Nominator, with the exception of Club of the Year. It is important to note that if you are considering nominating an individual, this must be communicated to that person in advance of submitting the application to CMAC. Please refer to the individual award categories and descriptions listed in the relevant web pages.

If I am missing information in my application form, am I automatically removed from the review process?
Yes; incomplete submissions will not be included in the Committee review process.

Do you have samples of award nomination submissions?
Yes; you can view sample award submissions here (login required).

Am I required to attend an interview?
No; however, an Awards Committee representative may be in touch with you via telephone/email to clarify points in your completed award nomination package.

When will I be notified about the results of the Awards Committee review?
The Awards Committee will be reviewing all applications over the summer months and final decisions will need to be approved by the Board of Directors. You will be notified personally afterwards.

When is the award presented?
All awards will be presented at the CMAC National Conference in the fall.

How do I know if the club is small/medium/large?
You will need to determine the club’s total revenue:
- Small size club (total revenues under $2M)
- Medium size club (total revenues  $2-5M)
- Large size club (total revenues over  $5M)


Is the process the same to nominate an Honourary Branch or Honourary Life member?
Yes, both awards require a Nominator and a minimum of three Letters of Support (including one from the Branch). Nominators should allow extra time for the Branch to review the submission before it is sent into the Awards Committee.

What constitutes a Member as being in “good standing” with CMAC?
To be considered in good standing with CMAC, the member must be up-to-date on all membership dues.